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Reading: July 4th is Still a Call to Action


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Veterans' Voices

July 4th is Still a Call to Action


Bryon L Garner

Union Institute and University, US
About Bryon
A veteran of the U.S. Navy, Bryon L. Garner earned his Master of Liberal Arts from Johns Hopkins University and is currently pursuing his PhD at the Union Institute and University. Bryon has presented and written about intersectionality, masculinity and patriotic identity. Bryon recently published “Asymmetry and Duality: Black Veterans in America” in Black & Magazine,
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What does it mean to be patriotic in 21st century America? The Journal of Veterans Studies will publish a special edition later this month (guest edited by the author) that will introduce a scholarly conversation on the topic of American patriotism through the lens of veteran experiences. 
How to Cite: Garner, B. L. (2021). July 4th is Still a Call to Action. Journal of Veterans Studies, 7(1). DOI:
Published on 04 Jul 2021.


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