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Reading: Further than yesterday: that’s all that counts


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Further than yesterday: that’s all that counts


Anja Cuhalev

The University of Nottingham, GB
About Anja
MA in Critical Theory and Cultural Studies
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Further than yesterday: that’s all that counts, instigates to communicate the importance and the impact of PTSD on the quality of life of veterans. The author, Capt. (Ret’d) Cousineau successfully portrays the detrimental effects of PTSD, as well as the grave importance of available support to the sufferers. The story starts with his experiences in the Canadian naval college, develops through the rescue mission which triggered Capt. (Ret’d) Cousineaus' PTSD, and continues through the final chapters where it concludes with his fight for PTSD awareness and the awareness of the importance of service dogs. Although it is a book about PTSD and its effects, its main subject is the importance of service dogs in the process of rehabilitation and the author's efforts to implement better therapy processes for veterans.
How to Cite: Cuhalev, A. (2018). Further than yesterday: that’s all that counts. Journal of Veterans Studies, 4(1). DOI:
Published on 19 Dec 2018.


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